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Trend Alert: Grooms Help Plan the Wedding

October 8, 2009

Recently, many couples are turning away from the traditional “bride-plans-the-wedding-groom-just-shows-up” philosophy for a more couples-oriented planning process. It can be exciting for a bride and groom to work together on their wedding preparations, as the affair often becomes even more special. Event planning firm Carefree Bride’s Carolyn Kinnaird recently reported, “About a third of the weddings we do are heavy on groom involvement, and in most of the rest, grooms take some interest in things like the budget, catering, bar and music.” Even wedding showers are integrating as couples move toward “Jack-and-Jill” themed parties, where both bride and groom are in attendance. Most recently, BBC America came out with a new (and hilariously entertaining) show entitled “Don’t Tell the Bride.” The premise- give $20,000 to a cash-strapped couple to create the wedding of their dreams only the groom must plan the entire affair, wedding dress and all. Okay, so maybe that is a bit too extreme (my boyfriend would likely plan a sports-themed affair with me as some sort of white-clad cheerleader), but you get the point. Share the experience planning the big day and it will be that much more meaningful to you both.
xoxo Jackie

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