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What If Wedding Pt. I: The Ceremony

November 2, 2009

Here at Mojuba, we are all female (Shocker!), so with our brains almost always focused on weddings, it’s only natural for a girl to daydream about her own big day….So, if I were to get married, this is what I would do…Of course,without regard to budget, or the fact that my boyfriend would head for the hills if he knew I was even thinking about a wedding.

1. I am obsessed with the girls at Wedding Paper Divas and their collection of pretty invitations–so since the chosen color of my faux-nuptials is eggplant (a muted, but still fun color choice for
those of us who are color-phobic, like myself)-I fell in love withthis invite.

2. I’ve always been a sucker for flowers, but I just wish they lived longer. My previous preservation efforts (prom night corsages, graduation bouquets) have been overall disappointing, so when I found out that NYC-based jewelry boutique Charm and Chain makes rhinestone bridal bouquets that will last a lifetime, I got so excited that I teared up a bit. (Faux weddings can be emotional, too)

3. The big day is the ultimate rationalization for a little Louboutin in your life. ‘Nough said.

4. Chanel’s Vendetta nail polish is a favorite of our Mojuba girl Lucy. She literally gets stopped in the street by women in envy of her nail color. Definitely wedding-worthy.

5. Now, for one of my own swear-by beauty items, Dior eye makeup. Dior Show mascara literally makes people think you’re wearing falsies (eyelashes!), and the eye-shadow has a heavy pigment, smooth texture, and some serious wear-ability–the three must-have musketeers of great eye shadow.

6. As for those bridesmaids, I’ve always sworn that the dresses I force them into would not make it into Katherine Heigl’s 27 Dresses closet, which is why I’m ecstatic that Jackie introduced me to dressmaker Dessy’s new line of Pantone-inspired dresses. They are perfect for brides who want their maids to be merry. Why? Because the bride selects a Pantone color swatch, and the Bridemaids can pick the style that suits their body from the dozens of dresses available in that Pantone color. Brilliant.

Stay tuned, I’ve just started thinking about my reception, a.k.a. the Fake Social Event of The Season. Are chocolate fountains cheesy?

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