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Wed-iquette 101:

January 15, 2010

A recent phone call from my incumbent BFF -who was venting about the cost of her bridesmaid’s dress for a mutual friend’s upcoming wedding- got me thinking about Wed-iquette (my personal abbreviation for wedding-etiquette).  So, here are some tips to avoid bridal mutiny, and any potential embarrassing/awkward situations (relatives+cameras= you’ll never live it down).

  1. Be conscious of you bridesmaids’ budgets, especially if you are under 30.  Many of your attendants may be repaying student loans, or saving for a home or wedding of their own.
  2. Sympathize with your bridesmaids’ body-image issues:  Your girls are up there with you on the big day, so make sure they feel beautiful in their dresses too.  There are plenty of ways to appease bridesmaids who feel their frock isn’t flattering.  Maid of honor self-conscious about her arms?  A pashmina or fur shrug (like the one below)  is a glam way to cover up. 
  3. Remember that it takes two to tango—Don’t leave your guy out of the wedding-he may not have any insight as to what flowers best offset your complexion, but maybe he’d like to come along on the cake-tasting or help you run around Crate+Barrel with that registry gun (it’s like a cross between Christmas and Laser Tag!  Woohoo!)
  4. Stay organized.  Whether you have a planner or are going it alone, your wedding prep will be a lot less stressful if you have a folder for your linen swatches and a database of all important phone numbers.   Providing your limo driver with printed directions to the church and knowing you DJ’s cell number will prevent a lot of unnecessary meltdowns and stop everyone from remembering you as the King Kong of Bridezillas.   FYI: We love My Big Day Planner as wedding organizing tool.
  5. Keep it classy.  If you’re going to drink at your wedding, keep it to a minimum, and if you’re going to drink beer, please…use a cup.

Hope that helps!!

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  1. January 15, 2010 7:29 pm

    Hiya honey! Great post!

    Ummm. Beer Photo? WOW. Just wow.

  2. Jules permalink
    January 18, 2010 11:52 am

    It’s funny you said that the groom might like cake tasting and registering, because that’s totally what Ben (my fiance) has been most excited about! Even after we picked a bakery to make our wedding cake he insisted that we go to 3 more tasting just because and he totally took over registry duties. He researched all of the best places to register online and then set up a registry on with this intricate home page with a video of our proposal and basically a novel on how we met, etc. I try to sneak in a few things I really want every now and then, but apparently he’s this kitchen appliances connoisseur all of a sudden! It’s actually really cute!

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