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Four Ways To Your Man’s Heart

February 5, 2010

So it’s you first Valentine’s day as an engaged couple–i.e. the first Valentine’s day you know you’ll be together forever.  The pressure is on-what are you going to get your future husband that shows him you’re excited to be his wife?  Should you be sexy or sweet?  Traditional or creative?  With so many options out there, here are our choices for top Valentine’s gifts for your guy.

1.  Sexy- La Perla is always gorgeous (albeit expensive)–but it’s so worth the splurge for arguably the most important Valentine’s Day you’ll ever have.  This jaw-dropper will make your man thank God he got to propose to you before anyone else had the chance.

2.  Sweet- Want to be sentimental on a budget?  Take a note from Mr. Big in Sex and The City and copy love letters into a leather journal–or write your own on pretty stationary!  Hand-made coupons for errands, massages, etc., etc., (wink-wink) are also a great idea.  Check out Kate’s Paperie (the unique stationary store is based in Manhattan but has a fab online shop) for gorgeous, decorative cards and paper.

3. Traditional- There’s always chocolate!  But just because you’re giving a “standard” gift, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in a unique way. Vosges Chocolates, for example, makes bacon & chocolate bars and bacon chocolate pancake mix (sounds like a guy thing to us!)  Or, if you’re dealing with a “manly man,” Creative Chocolates of Vermont makes tools-everything from wrenches to paint brushes-out of chocolate.

4.  Creative- Honestly, we weren’t going to do this, but we got the sweetest note from a bride who gave a Mojuba Groom Bag as an early gift for her husband-to-be, and he LOVED it.  So, here goes our shameless plug, in the form of a little love letter of our own, from bride Nora:


I gave Zach his valentines present a little early and he was so “impressed” was the  word he used over and over. He actually used the bag for a business trip he had the next day.  I could tell this was a present he really loved because he kept commenting on it with enthusiasm. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


If we do say so ourselves, Mojuba is truly a great way to show your man you care, and that you want your Big Day to be perfect.

Good luck, and happy gifting!!



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