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The Zen Bride

February 16, 2010


While we stand by the “Mojuba Guarantee” that our Bride and Groom survival bags can fix any wedding-day mishap, we have to admit that our comprehensive kits probably won’t cure the emotional angsts that accompany a wedding.  Yes, we’ve got the tissues to dry your tears and the Pepcid to quiet your butterflies, but if you stand before your opened tote and cry, “This wedding is driving me up a wall…” your tote may fall short of remedies.  Fortunately, Harmonious Brides, a therapeutic counseling service providing bridal support workshops to brides pre-wedding day, will not.  The brains behind this ever-important program are three lovely ladies: Susan, Diana, and Judith, each of whom specializes in talking through wedding woes.  Their next workshop is Saturday, February 20 from 9am-2pm at Flourish Studios.  It’s $135 to attend the workshop, lunch included.   Check out Harmonious Brides for more information and to register.  Yes, weddings are exciting, magical times; but it’s okay to have fears and struggles!  Join the ladies of Harmonious Brides and you’ll quickly see you’re not alone!

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