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Jackie’s Top Tips: The Bottom Line

February 22, 2010

So many questions come along with wedding planning.   Who to invite?  Where to have the reception? What to serve for dinner?  Open or cash bar?  It can leave a bride-to-be with a spinning head and no clue where to begin the overwhelming task that is wedding planning.

The easiest-and only-place to start though, is with your budget.  Setting a budget, and sticking to it, will set a guideline for all of your wedding-planning decisions, making it a whole lot easier to figure out if you should fly in your second cousins from Europe, or just send them pictures after the fact.

Almost every aspect of your planning will be tied to your budget.  For example, the price of weddings is typically highest in the Summer,  so you may want to set a Fall or Winter date if you’re watching your wallet.   And if you want to invite 250 of your closest friends, you need to make sure you can stomach the cost of feeding all those guests, as well as housing them in a large enough reception facility.

Whatever your bottom line is, though, make sure you give it a lot of thought, and come up with a number you are truly comfortable spending.  And be a little lenient with yourself if you go a tad over your number-most couples surpass their budgets by about 1o percent.

P.S.- Many wedding websites and magazines have budget calculators and estimators that are SO helpful in determining your final costs.  We like the one from The Knot.

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