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Don’t Sing the China Blues

February 28, 2010

Broken china doesn’t have to break your heart. Replacements China has you covered whether you broke your great-great-grandmother’s century-old Waterford Crystal pitcher while moving in with your husband, or you just need a  new set of plates.  You’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for here. Replacements carries over 13 million pieces of China, Crystal, and Silver in over 300,000 patterns.  Seriously, if you don’t find something you like here, you better go stock up on paper plates and plastic silverware. Though the store’s physical location is in North Carolina, for those of us who don’t live nearby, Replacements has a wonderfully comprehensive website definitely worth having a look.  Plus, the customer service is great- gotta love  Southern hospitality  y’all.

Some couples are choosing not to register for china because they don’t think they will use it or it seems so yesterday.  I say register, it’s nice to set a beautiful table and entertain family and friends.   One day you will no longer  be the “bride to be”– hard to believe, I know, because you are hanging out in bride  land now, which is a really fun place!  At  some point  the baton will be passed, you will be the designated  hostess for Thanksgiving dinner and you can’t use paper plates. Replacements is a great place to find pieces to complete  your grandmother’s china pattern or add the  pieces you didn’t get as wedding gifts.  Have fun and use your china, don’t let it get dusty in your cabinet.  Now you know where to go if something breaks. It’s your choice- use  Krazy glue or go to Replacements.

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