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What’s your Palette?

March 1, 2010

Your bridesmaids may be wearing moss green dresses, but that doesn’t mean their eyeshadow should match-no matter what your grandma or any old-school makeup artist tells you.

To ensure that you and your bridesmaids don’t end up looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show, take a day (maybe at your bridal shower?) and treat your girls to a color-palette discovery session.  Many bridal-makeup artists are willing to do pre-wedding consultations, so pick a cosmetologist that specializes in custom-color.   You’ll not only make sure that your bridesmaids will look great standing in front of an entire church,  but they can use their color-advice for years to come.  Trust us, your friends will thank you!

Live in Chicago?  Try Beauty on Call.  Atlanta?  We love Luxe Beauty Co. You can even call on your local Avon or Mary Kay Representative, or pay a group-visit to a Benefit counter for a color-consultation on the cheap.  And for more tips on beginning your makeup artist search and choosing a good fit, click here.

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