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Date Night on The Cheap

March 3, 2010

If you’re like us,  you always look forward to date night with your man.  And if you’re very much like us, tight purse strings often mean spending date night with a pizza and wine, both from a cardboard box.

Well, fear not, Franzia drinkers!  We’ve compiled a list of the best cheap-o dates and resources, so you can burn that Dominos menu once and for all.

1.  Sign up for Groupon,, 3 O’Clock Club, etc.  Each of these services-and the dozens of others like them-offer seriously deep discounts-like Domino’s deep-dish deep (promise that’s our last bad pizza joke), on restaurants, theater, museums, etc.  We’ve gotten $25 gift certificates for sushi from for $3!!!

2. Check out listings for your local art galleries.  Many cities regularly have art gallery openings-that usually offer a complimentary (albeit often limited) open bar.  Providence, for example, hosts a city-wide gallery night every third Thursday of the month from March-November.   In Chicago, you can check out ChicagoArtDistrict.Org for lists of upcoming free/cheap art events. With a little googling, you should be able to find artsy-fartsy aplenty in a city near you.

3. Hit up a minor-league ball game. Spring is coming, and baseball will be in full swing before you know it. No matter where you live, it’s probably not far from a Major-league farm team, or even a college baseball team. Minor-league Hockey also has a few good months left in their season, and AHL games are just as intense and fast-paced as NHL ones. Grab a hot dog and a couple of beers, and you’ll totally forget you’re not hanging in the big leagues.

4. Use your social networking and Internet research skills.  We found a TON of free and cheap events listed on sites like Facebook, Metromix,, The Chicago Board of Tourism Site and others. A quick search for Chicago turns up everything from Church-group mixers, to free comedy shows, and neighborhood tours.

So, there you have it-our best bets for getting off the couch and spicing up the ‘ol box of wine routine.

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