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Something Old

March 19, 2010

A great way to add a bit of whimsy to any wedding is through the incorporation of vintage pieces.  Vintage and antique items are unique, unexpected, and inspiring-not to mention so much fun to shop for!   Look to vintage shops to provide fun jewelry and brooches, out-of-the-box table centerpieces and decor, pretty fabric and lace, and even your wedding day wardrobe (or simply the inspiration for your dress).

The best part about vintage shopping is that your treasure hunt can begin anywhere. From thrift stores, to your grandma’s attic, to consignment shops, and flea markets- you never know what you’re going to find! A quick google search should bring up dozens of options in your area. Buffalo Exchange and The Salvation Army all have multiple locations nationwide-and although it will require some digging, they often turn up great finds!  For brides who prefer to do their shopping online, E-bay is definitely the way to go for antiquing.

Vintage also makes a great “theme”  for your wedding, and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding plenty of vendors and accents to give your ceremony that old-time feel.  California’s Gelerati Cici, for example, allows its catering customers to rent out the “Cici Bici,” an antique bike (below) with a gelatto freezer on the back.  Another perfect accoutrement to any vintage wedding is a “wedding sign” from Family Attic Shoppe, like the one pictured above.  The signs aren’t technically “vintage” since they’re mostly made-to-order, but you sure can’t tell by looking!

So, pick a weekend, grab a girlfriend, pack a snack-and some determination-and set off on your vintage treasure hunt!  You never know what wonderful things you may find.

P.S.-If you’re a Chicago bride, you’re in luck this weekend!! The Chicago Antique Market is having its  “Spring Fling” event this Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM-5PM.   Expect to find jewelry, cocktail sets, picture frames, handkerchiefs, furs, linens and more!  Click here for more info.

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