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Jackie’s Top Tips: Be Inspired!

March 24, 2010

Having trouble coming up with a wedding theme because you’re not one of those people who can effortlessly throw on the perfect outfit, or decorate a room to rival Martha Stewart?  Don’t worry, you can fool everyone into thinking you’ve got style in your veins, by creating an inspiration board.   Inspiration boards are essentially collages or scrapbooks of things you are naturally drawn to.  Whether it be a shoe, hairpin, fabric, or a picture in a magazine, gathering together things you like will help you determine your style.

There are plenty of effective ways to gather your thoughts, too.   Software programs, binders, scrapbooks–heck, even refrigerator collages–can all be great ways to  summarize what inspires you.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to create an inspiration board is by doing it online.   Websites like let you create mosaics using pictures you have saved on your computer or URLs that link to the photo.   The program is perfect because it allows you to grab photos from basically anywhere online, and combine them without the hassle of physical scrap-booking.  Plus, if you change your mind about a picture you included or decide to go in a different direction, its as simple as deleting a photo or starting a new collage.  Did we mention it’s free?!  We used BigHugeLabs to create our inspiration board for this post!

However, if you want to keep your collage as a wedding memento, you may want to go the old fashioned way, and create something tangible, that you can save for years to come. Pick up a scrapbook, three-ring binder, or craft box, a pair of scissors, and some scrapbook glue, and delve into your stack of bridal magazines.   Cut out anything that catches your eye- a table, a lamp, a dress, an earring, a cake, a venue, etc.- and lay it out in front of you.  If you start to see a theme, pick out those items and glue them into a collage, or put them in your “inspiration box.”  Don’t limit yourself to bridal mags, though.  Inspiration can be found anywhere: photographs, beads, feathers, fabric swatches, brooches, catalogues, and advertisements are all great places to look.

Now–get inspired!

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