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Hair Quality

April 6, 2010

Your wedding day is no time for a bad hair day-you want to look your best, because those pictures will be around for a looong time.  Our advice?  Start thinking about your hair early on and try different looks with your hairstylist.   The more you narrow down the look you want, the better you’ll look and feel on your big day.

Your hairstyle will be based on a variety of factors, including the type of dress you wear, the location and climate your ceremony will take place in, and whether you’re a hair up or hair down kind of girl.  If you’re getting married on the beach in Florida, for example, having your hair billow in the ocean breeze may sound romantic, but a humid or overly-windy day will have you looking like a tousled mess come picture time.   In this case, it would probably be best to go for a soft up-do.

Below are three of our favorite wedding-‘dos to get you started:

1.  The Half-Up/Half-down:  If you wear your hair down every day, you may feel that you don’t “look like yourself” with a structured up-do.  A half-up hairstyle is a lovely way to put some pizazz into your everyday look.  This style is soft, romantic, and  flattering on virtually everyone.

2.  The French-Twist:  If you’re wearing a dress that can be described as classic, timeless, or chic, you may want to try the french twist.  The look is clean and it epitomizes elegance.  If you are afraid this look is too “harsh,” have your hairdresser leave the twist loose or messy, or add some volume to the top of your hair.

3.  The Chignon:  If you dress is romantic, casual, or simple, you may want to try a variation of the chignon.  This ‘do is universally flattering, and simple tweaks make the style your own.  For example,  you can pull your hair to one side of your head and add a flower behind your ear, or braid the back of your hair before twisting into a bun.

No matter what hairstyle you choose, though, make sure you are comfortable in it and that it reflects your personal style.  If you are a very casual person, a tight, lacquered, and serious hairdo probably won’t cut it, and you’ll end up feeling like you’re dressing up as a librarian.

So remember, when choosing a hairstyle: start early, be yourself, and make sure to have tons of bobbypins and hairspray with you on your wedding day!

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