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Veils, Revealed

April 14, 2010

Like most aspects of planning a wedding, choosing a veil will be dependent on your personal style, and the location and feel of your ceremony.  If you’re getting married outdoors, you probably won’t want a cathedral-length veil traipsing through the grass behind you.  However, like the name implies, cathedral-length veils are stunning in formal, traditional church weddings.  Below, we present to you our favorite veil styles for formal, semi-formal, and casual weddings.

Formal: Chapel, cathedral, and ballet-length veils are all appropriate for a formal wedding-setting.  Cathedral-length is the longest and therefore the most formal, followed by chapel-length, and ballet.  Chapel-length veils (see right) can be up to 108″, while a ballet-style will hit somewhere mid-calf.  Although your wedding may be formal, if you are petite, you may opt for shorter-length veil to avoid looking swallowed up!

Semi-Formal:  Shorter styles, like a “fingertip” veil-up to 45′” in length-are most appropriate for semi-formal weddings, (see left)  however a ballet style might also be worn, especially if paired with a more simplistic dress.  “Blusher” veils, which cover the face, may also be worn for a semi-formal setting, though many modern-brides opt out of this old-school tradition.

Casual:  Elbow-length veils are a shorter, more informal take on the traditional veil-style, and are ideal for brides who want the look of a veil , but may be having an outdoor wedding, since elbow veils are minimal-fuss.  The casual wedding also leaves lots of room to have fun with your veil, though, and short styles with a vintage feel, like “flyaway” veils and cropped blushers,  have become popular for brides going for a retro look. (See right)

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