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Places We Love: The Palmer House Hilton

May 10, 2010

Here at Mojuba Wedding we are lucky enough to get to visit some of the most gorgeous wedding venues that are available to all of you brides-to-be.  We are going to start keeping you posted some of our favorite finds – in Chicago and beyond!  We’ll start with The Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, because how could we not love “the hotel that love built”?!

This historic hotel was originally built by Potter Palmer as a wedding gift to his bride Bertha (we wish our beaus would build hotels for us!), and has been reinvented several times since its original opening in 1871.  As you enter the lobby (see photo at left), the grandeur of the beautifully painted ceiling is immediately captivating – it boasts 21 individual murals originally produced in France and shipped to the Palmer House in 1926.  Parisian inspiration and accents can be found throughout the hotel (another reason why we love it!), from opulent chandeliers and elegant crown moldings to mirrored walls that echo the palace of Versailles.  C’est magnifique!

One of the greatest things about the Palmer House as a wedding venue is the variety of spaces it offers.  There are grandiose ballrooms for lavishly large weddings (the Grand and State Ballrooms combine to hold over 1,000 people!); intimate spaces for those planning a smaller wedding (check out the Honore Ballroom, which dons Bertha Palmer’s maiden name); various options for a cocktail reception, and of course countless opportunities for priceless photos.  

Perhaps the most popular reception spot is the The Empire Room.  This is the same room that showcased famous performers such as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Jimmy Durante (if these walls could talk…) and the room has been fully restored to showcase its former opulence.

Many thanks to Jane Himmel, Senior Catering Manager, for graciously giving us a detailed tour of this lovely space!  For more information on weddings at the Palmer House, contact the catering office at 312.422.1325.

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