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A Toast Is Still A Toast

May 12, 2010

People often ask us about what to do about the champagne toast – is it necessary to pour champagne for everyone at a specific time before toasting begins?  The consensus here at Mojuba is that a toast is a toast, with or without champagne; what matters is the clinking of people’s glasses, and of course that the bride and groom kiss!  We realize not everyone loves champagne as much as we do, and the celebration isn’t nullified if people raise a glass of vodka, red wine, or water.

Personally, we suggest skipping the obligatory “waiter march” toting bottles of champagne, on a mission to fill everyone’s glasses just before the cake cutting.  Instead, opt for keeping your guests happy and letting them have their beverage of choice.  A glass of the finest bubbly might be just what you need to choke down Uncle Barry’s mortifying expose into the history of your exes.  Others may prefer a glass of wine, a whiskey sour or a vodka tonic to wash those words down.

By allowing your wedding guests to raise a glass of whatever they please during the toast, you will keep them happy while avoiding (literally) pouring money down the drain.  With these new found savings, you can upgrade that Andre to Veuve!

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  1. May 12, 2010 10:52 am

    Enjoyed this post and truly agree. This is the same advice we give our clients—let guests toast with their drink of choice. There’s a big “waste factor” with champagne. Many people will just have a sip for the sake of the toast, and leave the rest. I also recommend that if the bride and groom love champagne and want to toast with it that they arrange for a very good quality bottle to be set aside just for them to enjoy. Their wedding is definitely the perfect time for special champagnes like Dom Perignon and Cristal!


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