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Reinventing the Registry

May 14, 2010

You already registered for your Bernardaud china, Waterford crystal, and Vera Wang flatware, but how about registering for scuba lessons, a night on the town, or a relaxing weekend at a B&B?  Today’s couples are frequently already stocked to the brim with housewares and prefer to register for experiences that they can share together in their new married lives (at a dealership in Manhattan you can even register for new Mercedes!).  This new trend in registering has led to a number of fun and innovative registry sites, including of course your very own Mojuba Wedding registry (shameless self-plug, we know).

One of our favorite new registries is the recently launched, Chicago-based, Foodie Registry.  Foodie Registry was founded by recently hitched couple Ben and Jen (yes, Bennifer) when they were registering for their own wedding.  They already had a kitchen full of supplies and they wanted to register for gift certificates to some of their favorite restaurants.  They discovered that no such registry existed and Foodie Registry was born.  The site basically allows you and your future spouse to pick out a bunch of your favorite Chicago foodie destinations (think Naha, Boka, and mk) and register for gift certificates for each of them–no more excuses to order greasy late night thai.

Foodie’s official launch party is taking place this Sunday, May 16th at the innovative Catalyst Ranch in the West Loop (656 W. Randolph).  Over fifteen of Chicago’s finest restaurants will be featured at the event and guests will be able to register for restaurant certificates live at the event via a super high-tech texting system.  As guests register for each restaurant, they will be entered into a raffle where they can win a Mojuba Groom bag among other prizes.  You can also head over to our Mojuba table where we will be premiering our brand new, super cute (of course!) Mojuba Mini bags.  We will also be offering free shipping on both the regular Mojuba bags and our new fabulous bags if you order at the event.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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