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“Black-Tie Optional” Is Not An Option

May 19, 2010

There is nothing worse than getting an invitation to a wedding that is ambiguous about what attire is expected–it’s already hard enough trying to figure out what to wear to an event in the first place!  For example, one of our Mojuba girls recently received a wedding invitation that requested “California Formal” attire and she spent more time trying to figure out what this meant than looking for the wedding gift (something you definitely don’t want to happen).

Black-tie weddings are fabulous (is there anything better than a man in a tux?), but if you are going to go that route you need to commit to it.  We understand that not everyone has a tux and you might think you are helping your guests by allowing them to choose what they are going to wear, however this just leaves your guests in an uncomfortable situation as they are not sure what attire will be appropriate at the wedding.  Instead of your guests calling each other to find most relaxing B&B close to your venue, they will be fretting and calling to see what the other couples are wearing (high school prom anyone?).  Sit down with your honey and decide what you, your friends and your family will be happiest with; this way you’ll avoid the confusion caused by a vague dress request.  We promise everyone will be happier!

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