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Places We Love: Loft on Lake

May 24, 2010

The first thing we noticed when we entered the urban and trendy Loft on Lake was the abundance of natural light, courtesy of the huge skylight that spans almost the entirety of the room.  The space also boasts exposed brick walls, gorgeous wooden beams, and hardwood floors.  The venue consists of one primary event space and a lounge area near the entrance–perfect for a cocktail reception.  The best part is that each room is stocked with sleek furniture that can be reconfigured to create the bride and groom’s vision.

This flexibility allows a variety of unique weddings to take place and beautiful photos of these varied nuptials are proudly displayed in the entryway to the facility.  The space is prepared for anything and everything with Cher, the owner, happily working with each  couple to make their vision a reality.  During our visit, Cher told us about one exceptional wedding last Halloween that was in complete 40s style.  This wedding involved all vintage clothing and period traditions, including each guest bringing a pie to the reception!  If you are interested in seeing the space, give Cher a call at 312-498-9997…no pie required.

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