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Who’s The Boss?

June 11, 2010

When it comes to planning a wedding, who really is the boss??  The bride and groom?  The mother of the bride?  The wedding planner?  There are always dynamics with every wedding, and emotions can run pretty high during the planning process.  Most brides will hopefully get the wedding they want without stepping on too many toes, however, every now and again there is the unfortunate case of the Bridezilla.

On a recent episode of Cake Boss, a particularly irrational bride shocked us all when she decided to “add some color” to the beautiful white wedding cake Buddy had just finished for her – and then expected him to redo it for her next-day wedding! Buddy may be the boss in his bakery, but this crazed bride-to-be didn’t seem to care and took decorating into her own hands (literally).

We at Mojuba Wedding love Buddy and his crew and look forward to what will unfold each week at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ.  While there are so many talented cake designers these days, there is something to be said for Buddy’s creativity; he really does put so much TLC (no pun intended) into each cake!  If the “freakin’ great” cakes (as Buddy would say) aren’t enough to get you hooked, there is also a healthy dose of theatrics in each episode – as clearly demonstrated by the clip above!

Here are a couple of our favorite cakes from Carlo’s Bakery, and in case you are longing for more drama you can watch more disasters and other clips from the show.

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