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A Place At The Table

June 22, 2010

Figuring out the seating arrangements for a wedding reception truly is an art.  There is so much to consider: keeping your feuding relatives far apart, pairing peripheral friends with people they might know, making sure your adorable yet perpetually single cousin has some cuties at her table, etc. Despite all the time you spend making sure your table arrangements are perfect, it is inevitable that at the last minute you will need to change a few things around.

Even if it’s just moving someone to a different table, this will require a new place card, possibly adding or removing chairs and table settings, and letting the caterer know so that everyone’s meals go to the right places.  The week before your wedding is crazy enough – fussing with seating arrangements is the last thing you want to be dealing with!

We at Mojuba Wedding are all about planning for the unexpected to ensure you are worry-free and able to enjoy your big day.  One helpful tip to prevent last minute seat changes and wedding no-shows from becoming an ordeal is using escort cards with envelopes as place cards.  The name of each guest will be written on the envelope, and their table number will be written on the card tucked inside.  This way, if on the day of your wedding Aunt Millie gets sick, your co-worker bails, and Uncle Rob breaks his foot, you can easily move a few people around to even out the tables by switching out the table number cards.  Voila – crisis averted!

Once you have your guest list, have your calligrapher get started on writing each guest’s name on the envelopes.  Also be sure to have about 10 table number cards for each table.  Even if you don’t have that many seats at each table it’s good to have a few extras.  About a week before the wedding you can start stuffing the envelopes according to your seating arrangement plan, knowing that when that last minute change in plans comes up you’ll be ready to make a quick fix.

Just to cover all of your bases, it’s also a great idea to make sure someone double checks that the seating chart matches the place cards on the day of the wedding.  If you have a planner, they will likely take care of this; if not give this job to a friend.

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