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Happy Anniversary: The First Five Years

June 28, 2010

We’re sure you’re familiar with traditional gifts for the “big” wedding anniversaries: 20th is china, 25th is silver, 50th is gold.  But what about all of those other years of happily ever after?  We did a bit of research on anniversaries 1 through 5 – here are the traditional symbols for each year, along with some fun gift ideas:

First anniversary: paper.  We definitely recommend getting more creative than just a card: why not a coffee table book on a favorite artist or travel destination (we love this stunning book on Marc Chagall, or this collection of New York City photographs by Jean-Michel Berts), or a beautifully framed print of the two of you on your wedding day.

Second anniversary: straw or cotton.  Matching terrycloth robes (like these from Ralph Lauren) or plush monogrammed towels are a fun idea.  Why not bring a little hotel-style luxury into your home?

Third anniversary: leather.  A nice watch with a leather band makes a great gift, and we also like the idea of an over-sized leather chair for you and your hunny to snuggle up in (check out this chair and a half from Pottery Barn).

Fourth anniversary: flowers or linen.  A thoughtfully chosen bouquet of flowers that includes your spouse’s favorites, or perhaps even one that resembles your wedding flowers, is a classic and meaningful gift.  A new bedding set is also a fun idea and can spice up the boudoir, especially if after four years you still have the same bedding from your pre-marital years.

Fifth anniversary: wood.  A weekend getaway at a romantically remote log cabin is a great way to celebrate reaching the five year mark.  If you’re still working on feathering your nest, you could also go to an antique store together and pick out a beautifully unique wooden desk or hutch that reflects your style and has an interesting story attached to it.

Whether you’re going on 1 or 51 years of marriage, the most important thing is to celebrate your love in a fun and thoughtful way.  Be sure to check back for meanings and gift ideas for anniversaries 6 through 10!

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