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Mojuba Tip: Invitation Salvation

July 1, 2010

Listen up ladies: we’re about to drop some knowledge.  As some brides have found out the hard way, the occasional guest will forget to include a name on the response card in their haste to RSVP.  Nothing is more frustrating than opening a reply that confirms four nameless, beef-eating adults!  Brides have been known to go to great lengths to determine which of their guests closes or connects their 4’s to identify the anonymous response.  Rather than calling in a graphologist, we have an easier solution.

Before sending out your invitations, be sure to number your guest list and then write each guest’s corresponding number inconspicuously on the back corner of the response card.  This way, if someone sends back a response sans name you can solve the mystery yourself.  The time and energy you will save by not having to make awkward and time-consuming follow up calls will be better spent getting your nails done or at the gym!

And of course, feel free to pass on this info to other brides-to-be; karma’s a good thing!

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