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Happy Anniversary: The Next Five Years

July 7, 2010

Continuing from our previous post on traditional anniversary symbols and gift ideas, here is some food for thought on years 6 through 10:

Sixth anniversary: sugar or iron.  For sugar, an elaborate cake that reflects your and your hubby’s interests is a cute idea.  For iron, we are not talking about the appliance – for all of our male readers, a domestic appliance rarely spells romance unless specifically requested by your wife.  (You may have already learned this from the blender scene in Father of the Bride.)  Instead we would suggest a wrought iron statue or fence for your garden, or even some funky iron candlesticks like these from Crate and Barrel.

Seventh anniversary: wool or copper.  Unless you married a lumberjack a lumpy wool sweater is likely not the way to go.  We would suggest a hammered copper wall mirror, or these fun and unique copper martini glasses by Alan Lee instead.

Eighth anniversary: bronze.  There are so many beautiful home and garden accents made with bronze.  For something a little different, we particularly love these bronze lanterns from Restoration Hardware.

Ninth anniversary: pottery.  Depending on your and his interests, a handmade vase, mug set or cake plate could be fun.  Or if you’re feeling crafty and happen to have a pottery wheel, why not throw a pot together a la Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost?

Tenth anniversary: tin or aluminum.  It might be surprising, but there are actually a lot of nice gifts made of tin or aluminum, including jewelry, vases, coffee and tea tins, wine totes, and personalized plaques.  If you want to spend a bit more dough to celebrate your ten-year while still keeping with the symbolic tradition, you could always put some earrings or other bling inside a vintage tin box.

For all of you happy couples who have passed the 10 year mark: congrats!  And be sure to check back next week for our input on anniversaries 11 through 15!

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