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Going To The Chapel

July 14, 2010

From the moment he pops the question to the moment you say “I do”, there are so many things to think about.  While you might get swept up in planning every last detail of the ceremony and reception, there are some essential things that you shouldn’t forget before going to the chapel!  To help you out, here are our thoughts on the 5 most important things to consider before walking down the aisle:

1. Music: How will the music set the tone for the ceremony, and specifically what will you play for the prelude, processional, and recessional?  Be sure to check out our previous post on choosing ceremony music!

2. The order of the processional: How is everyone going to get down the aisle?  As our friend David Bowie would say, “how do I get there??”  A traditional processional goes as follows:

Mother of the groom
Mother of the bride
Groomsmen (if not already standing up in front with the groom)
Bridesmaids (individually or with groomsmen)
Maid or matron of honor
Flower girl dropping rose petals on the bridal path

Bride, on the arm of her father or another significant person in her life

3. Don’t forget the marriage license!  Since states (and countries, if you’re having a destination wedding) have slightly different rules, be sure to call or visit the website of your city hall to make sure all is in order.  Definitely don’t want to wait until the last minute on this one!

4. Seating your guests: Traditional church weddings seat the bride’s immediate family in the first pew(s) to the left of the alter and the groom’s family is seated on the right.  If the bride has more guests/family than the groom or vice-versa be sure the ushers encourage guests to sit on both sides so the pews do not look empty on one side.  The aisle seats tend to fill up first because everyone wants a front row seat to watch the bride walk down the aisle!

5. And of course, don’t forget the rings!

Happy Wedding!

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