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Love And Marriage

July 23, 2010

While there are so many “chick flicks” out there these days, here are some of our favorite unconventional love stories:

Made of Honor: a love story that will make you take a second look at that guy who you swear is just your best friend…especially if he looks like McDreamy.

Last Holiday: a love story that will make you laugh.  The cast includes Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and …Gerard Depardieu.  ’nuff said.

The Ugly Truth: a love story that gives insight to the male psyche, and how fragile the male ego truly is.

The Family Stone: a love story with a dose of family drama, starring a complicated but very amusing cast of characters.

The Young Victoria: a love story which is woven with the quest for power and deception, yet in the end, love prevails.  There’s something to be said for true devotion and undying love!

So, if you think your relationship has its ups and downs, know that you’re not alone!

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