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Let It Shine

August 9, 2010

Simply because we love looking at beautiful rocks (who doesn’t?), we thought we would share some of our favorite engagement rings.  Here is some eye candy that will surely ring in happily ever after – try these on for size!

Clockwise from left: Micropave ring by Harry Winston; Tiffany Round Brilliant with Bead-set Band (And be sure to check out the Tiffany iPhone app for shopping for the perfect Tiffany engagement ring!); Cartier Solitaire 1895 in platinum/diamond; Bvlgari Deicata a Venezia Solitaire ring in Platinum with round brilliant cut diamond and double row pave diamonds.

When picking out an engagement ring, knowing the “four c’s” is a must:

Cut: Not to be confused with shape, the cut is actually the facets and their proportions on the surface of the diamond that creates the diamond’s reflective quality.  Shape is also important – whether a girl wants a round, emerald, princess, or asscher shaped diamond can be a very important decision that reflects her personal style.

Clarity: A diamond’s clarity, determined by its cloudiness or number of “inclusions” or flaws it has, is one of the main ways to measure its quality.  Clarity rating can be tricky to get right, so be sure to get the opinion of a professional.

Color: It is actually very rare to find a diamond without any trace of color, and they can range from borderline color to obvious color, such as yellow or blue diamonds.

Carat: This is the unit of weight for diamonds, and as you might guess, a higher weight or number of carats will mean a larger and more expensive diamond.

For more info on choosing an engagement ring, we recommend this helpful guide from Harry Winston.  Happy shopping!

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