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Squared Away

August 12, 2010

Perhaps it’s a good thing that men have far fewer choices to make than women when it comes to wedding attire, since women tend to thrive on having options while men…not so much.  Nonetheless there are still many ways for grooms, groomsmen, and guests to express their personal style!  For example, a pocket square is a great way to add some fun to a tux or suit, especially as a stylish alternative to a boutonniere.

Carrying a hankie in your suit pocket used to be purely functional, yet since the 1920s accessorizing a suit with a pocket square has become increasingly fashionable.  The color should coordinate with the tie of the suit (see left), and depending on the formality of the event and your own personal style, there are several different ways to fold a pocket square.   Some of the most popular hankie folds are: the square (or presidential) fold, the one-corner fold, the two-corner fold, the four-corner fold, and the puff fold.  For a detailed guide of how to create these and other popular folds, check out this fantastic post from The Urban Gentleman.

Here are some fabulous pocket squares that we think would be a great accessory to a suit or tux:

Clockwise from top left: Paul Smith Silk Polka-Dot pocket square in black and white, available from Saks Fifth Avenue; Paul Stuart Silk Plaid pocket square, (for all you preppy grooms out there); Hugo Boss Black Polka-Dot pocket square; Paul Stuart Silk Color Block pocket square, in blue.

So boys, the next time you suit up, don’t forget to add a fun and well-coordinated pocket square!

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