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Flower Power

September 15, 2010

While we usually pick flowers based on what we think looks good – and opinions vary from person to person – people often don’t think of the meaning and symbolism behind the flowers they choose.  During the Victorian era, when so many wedding-related traditions began and overt expressions of love were considered to be a major faux pas, the “language of flowers” was used to communicate subtle messages between lovers.  Here are some of our favorite flowers for wedding bouquets, centerpieces and accents, along with their associated meanings:

Lily of the Valley: This delicate flower symbolizes happiness and trustworthiness, and not to mention they smell divine!

Lilacs: Traditionally known as the harbinger of spring, purple lilacs are associated with the first emotions of love and white lilacs symbolize youthful innocence.  Either way, this romantic flower is a great addition to wedding florals!

Orchids: This sinewy yet elegant flower is usually associated with luxury and beauty.  If your taste is more modern, orchids may be the perfect flower for you.

Peonies: Although they are only available for a short window of time at the end of spring, for May or June weddings peonies are at the top of our list!  It is said that this lush and full-bodied flower embodies romance and prosperity and will bring good fortune and a happy marriage.

So, as you’re planning the overall look and feel of your wedding day, don’t forget to also consider the meaning behind the flowers you choose…how romantic!

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