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The Eyes Have It

September 27, 2010

If it’s true what they say about the eyes being the window to the soul, then we better do our best to keep them looking fresh and rejuvenated!  You may have heard it many times before but we’ll say it once again: it is never too soon to start wearing eye cream!  Here are some of our Mojuba gals’ favorites:

Kiehl’s Eye Alert: Made with cucumber and alfalfa extracts to hydrate and energize your skin, and Vitamin E and caffeine to decrease dark circles, this eye cream is a great remedy for puffy, tired looking eyes.

Dermalogica, multivitamin power firm: This eye gel is great for the morning to reduce puffiness, and will also help minimize the appearance of fine lines.  A must-have in your arsenal to rejuvenate your eyes after a long night of addressing wedding invitations!

Lancome Absolue Eye: While a bit on the pricey side, this intense moisturizer will bring even the tiredest of eyes back to life, making it well worth the investment!

Origins’ GinZing: Another great morning eye cream, this will magically depuff and brighten the skin around your weary wedding-planning eyes.  Along with a big cup of Joe, this is the perfect morning fix!

Clearly our goal here is to fight tired and puffy eyes, which is an unfortunate side effect of late night stressing over wedding details!  Planning a wedding and looking beautiful both take a lot of time and energy, but with the right eye remedy you’ll be able to pull all-nighters and still look refreshed in the morning.  You glow, girl!

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