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Purple Haze

October 4, 2010

We here at Mojuba are all over purple flowers for weddings this fall. Just like a great pair of Manolos, purple flowers are statement makers. Purple flowers tell your guests that this blushing bride isn’t the typical ivory and peach kind of girl (although we do love that look too).

Here are some of our top picks along with their meanings:

Purple Roses

Purple roses signify royalty and eternal love (they also signify love at first sight!). Their variety in color makes them suitable for any wedding. Purple roses can vary from lavender to plum.

Purple Tulips

The purple tulip is very popular for weddings. Like the rose, it is often associated with royalty.

Purple Irises

The iris flower gets its name from the Greek Goddess Iris, which means rainbow. Rainbows symbolize hope and new beginnings! Purple irises are a nice alternative to the rose,and they give a more contemporary feel to your wedding.

Purple Stock

Purple stock signifies long lasting beauty and a happy life. Purple stock is wonderful because it can look beautiful as a stand-alone, or serve as an accent for other types of flowers.

Purple Hydrangea

The purple hydrangea is beautiful, one of our favs, but it comes with a few drawbacks.  Hydrangeas vary in color depending on their season of bloom, and the amount of Aluminum they absorb through their roots. So remember ladies, it’s nature, and you can’t expect to perfectly match your bridesmaids’ dresses to the flowers. Nuff said.

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