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The Best Man: From Kidnapping To Party Planning

October 6, 2010

The Best Man’s duties in a wedding have changed drastically over the years. In medieval times, the Best Man was chosen by the future groom to help him with the capturing of his bride… how romantic…NOT!! Just in case he was needed to help fight off rivals or relatives of the bride who wanted to take her back, the Best Man would stay and play bodyguard to the couple until the ceremony was completed. While the bride may not need any armor today, the Best Man at the wedding certainly needs to display some strength and courage (especially when giving his speech!).

Here  are some of the modern day jobs for the Best Man:

  • Organizing the bachelor party, and being a good host by making the introductions.
  • Helping the groom on the morning of the wedding, and riding with him to the church, or ceremony site.
  • Making sure the groom has the marriage license with him!!!
  • It’s up to the Best Man to make sure the ushers are ready before the ceremony begins. Many weddings are delayed by unorganized ushers.
  • Looking after the rings (this one’s major guys!!!).
  • Double checking all the mens’ boutonnières.  They should be on the left lapel, stem down.
  • Receiving the minister’s fee from the groom, and giving it to the minister following the ceremony.
  • Standing next to the groom at the ceremony.
  • Giving a toast at the wedding reception. No bad jokes, or old girlfriend references, please.
  • Looking after any gifts or cards.
  • Returning any rented formalwear after the wedding.

Most importantly, the Best Man should be there for his buddy in anyway possible throughout the exhausting, but wonderful, process of getting married!

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