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The Maid Of Honor: a.k.a. Spirit Scarer Extraordinaire

October 13, 2010

In Medieval times, the bridesmaid would dress in the same clothes as the bride in order to confuse the evil spirits (if you try that now you may end up with one less friend). Acting as decoys, they would protect the bride. Nowadays, a bride will dress their bridesmaids in ugly taffeta dresses to scare away all the evil spirits, and cute guys. I mean, have you seen 27 Dresses?? The Maid Of Honor was in charge of making the bride as beautiful as possible so that the groom did not change his mind at the alter, especially if she didn’t have much of a dowry.

Here are some of the modern day duties a Maid Of Honor is expected to perform:

*Help the bride choose her dress
*Help choose flattering dresses for the bridesmaids
*Assist with wedding plans like choosing the venue and planning the seating
*Organizing the bachelorette party,  and initiating introductions and playing host
*Let guests know where the couple is registered
*Help the bride get ready on the big day
*Look after the bouquet during the ceremony
*Arrang the brides dress, train, veil, even during the ceremony, if necessary (be careful not to go overboard and be  distracting)
*Look after the bride’s make up bag (and Mojuba emergency kit).
If asked, helping choose the wedding attire.

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