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Mojuba Wedding + Gilt Group = Disaster Free Wedding

October 19, 2011

Mojuba and Gilt Groupe help you manage your wedding day mishaps

Just in time for the holidays, or really any day… what women needs an excuse to shop?! Gilt Wedding is back and Mojuba Wedding Day Emergency Kits have been handpicked and will be featured with the likes of gown designer Carolina Herrera and jewelry from Tara Pearls. Even wedding planner to the stars Colin Cowie will be offering some wedding tips. So ladies mark your calendar for October 20th and let the shopping begin!

Whether you are eyeing a Mojuba bag for your wedding day or as a gift for your soon-to-be-married BFF, Mojuba Bride and Groom Wedding Day Emergency Kits are stuffed with all the must-have items to solve the “unexpected” mishaps that come up on the big day. Here at Mojuba we know that little things can cause major delays; delays cause tension; tension leads to stress and the dominos begin to tumble. Don’t let your wedding day come undone if your bridemaids terrific updo decides to become a horrific downdo. With our Bride and Groom bags at your side you will feel confident that you can get hitched without a hitch!

The Groom Mojuba Wedding Emergency Kit– Let’s face it ladies, how many guys, when lost, will drive aimlessly for hours instead of having a map in the car or stopping to ask for directions? Guys will be guys (and we love em for that) but do you really think your fiance and crew will be prepared for that inevitable mishap on the big day? Your soon to be hubby probably won’t have stain remover in his back pocket if he gets pizza sauce on his Tux shirt while having a pre-wedding snack to calm his jitters. Our guess is he will resort to soap and water while feverishly attempting to rub out the stain (most likely making it worse) before the ceremony begins. Your butterflies* will settle down knowing that he’s got a Mojuba Groom kit at his side. Whether the usher cuts himself shaving or the best man had garlic pasta for lunch this Groom kit will provide all of them with “Roadside Assisstance” on the big day!

The Bride Mojuba Wedding Emergency Kit– The Mojuba Bride Bag is as stylish as it is useful. It comes with an arsenal of products to handle any ordeal that might occur. Sorry we can’t help with natural disasters, but if your mom’s dress strap breaks, or your groom shoves cake in your face and your dress gets the worst of it, we will be their to save the day faster than FEMA.


So mark your calendars for Oct 20th and get on Gilt Wedding Shop so you will have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day!

*if you have butterflies we can help you with that too.

Mojuba Wedding – love, life, and the unexpected.

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